La Ménagère

Florence is bursting with traditional Italian places. As much as I love them, discovering La Menagere – a concept restaurant & store – was surely refreshing!

In the heart of Florence, close to the San Lorenzo market, you will find La Ménagère. It is located in a historical building that once hosted the first hardware store in the city, founded in 1896. Now it hosts a whole new, controversial if you will, concept; a place that brings high quality food, design, flowers and music together.

The old features of the hardware store are still visible. It has an industrial look, with a vintage edge and contemporary design. The art and lighting of the place are modern, the furniture warm and of beautiful design and the flowershop in the middle of the building gives the whole space a colourful and natural glow. I was instantly in love with the stunning looks!

You can come here for many purposes. La Ménagère is home to a flowershop, but also sells home accessories that fit the style of the interior design.
The bistro and restaurant offer full on breakfast, quality dinner or a tasty cocktail. But just passing by for a glance inside and a coffee to go at the bar is also part of the possibilities.

It became my number one favourite, at the moment, of Florence. New, daring, beautiful designed and refreshing. And for whatever purpose you pass by, I am sure you will like it too.
Make sure you walk through the street, there’s more than one nr.8 in Via de’Ginori!

La Ménagère
Via de’ginori 8R


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