The Juice House

In for a vitamin shot? Pass by the trendy Juice House in Barcelona and choose from the many healthy options they have to offer!

Healthy food is in fashion and trendy places are popping up all over Barcelona. Many places offer take away juice for a your daily shot of superfood. But at the Juice House, you can sit back and relax. This beautiful little cafe on Calle Parlement offers a cosy place to enjoy a healthy juice.  Their intention, when they started in 2013, was to open the first cold pressed juice bar in Barcelona. In addition they also have a great menu with food. All super healthy of course. The owners say healthy food used to have a boring image (I used to believe that too) but as they state; healthy is the new tasty! And I agree; perfect spot for a delicious detox day.

My first glance at the menu gave me a bit of stress; so many juices and the option to add extra ingredients to my taste. What should I choose? Tempted by the shot of ginger – good against flu – I felt healthy enough today and got a pink lemonade made out of fresh strawberries. But I will make sure to come back and try all the other delicious drinks on the menu.
If you love a good açaí bowl, then this is your spot too. Many breakfast bowls are offered on the menu, but also dishes more suitable for lunch like salads and sandwiches

In the weekend it might get quite busy, being located on Barcelona’s brunch hotspot Calle Parlement. But if you are in for a change and would like a healthy variation on your weekly pancake brunch, Juice House offers a nice alternative!

The Juice House
Carrer Parlament 12, Barcelona






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