If you are a chocolate lover, then Chök in Barcelona is heaven on earth for you. 


Honestly, who doesn’t like chocolate? At Chök they love it. Calling themselves the ‘chocolate kitchen’ you can imagine what the main ingredient of their pastries is! If you pass this shop it is simply impossible not to stop and have a look. All the pastries that are on display look absolutely delicious. And from the street you even have a view straight into the kitchen.

You can find almost all classic chocolate variations like chocolate bars, truffles and brownies. All with a little twist, combining interesting ingredients to come to a sensation of flavours! All products are fresh and made with the best quality of natural ingredients.

They take pride in their version of the donut; the chök. It’s said to be healthier – less fat and sugar – but just as tasty. And yes, I have tried and can agree; it is simply amazing! There are many different variations, made fresh every day. Hard to choose, I can tell you. But all look equally good, so I guess you can’t go wrong…

Chök has two locations based in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona. It is definitely  a great stop for some sweets on your way, or take them home and enjoy them there!

C/ Ramelleres 26-28, Barcelona
C/ del Carme 3, Barcelona







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