Coffee and cake or wine and tapas? At ChichaLimoná in Barcelona you can have the best of both worlds!

Located a little outside the popular city centre, ChichaLimoná is a popular hotspots for the hipster locals to gather for a catch up. When you arrive, you better decide which side you’re on; Chicha or Limoná. Because either half of this place has its own vibe and character

Limoná is a typical brunch and coffee bar. The long bar on the right side, full with sweet pastries, bread, croissants and more deliciousness makes it quite clear that this is a great place to have a coffee, brunch or lunch. Sweet, bright and healthy, that’s your pick when you go to Limona.
The menu is quite extended, from simple croissants to tasty sandwiches and (at lunch time) a promising  pizza menu!
They take coffee seriously here, so even if you just enter for your caffeine shot of the day, you will be pleasantly surprised! Served by a real barista and made with the best coffee beans of the season, they make ‘bloody good’ coffee!

Not a morning person, or rather have an afternoon wine? Then go left and choose Chicha. This half is more the afternoon and evening bar. Tapas, vermouth and wine are served here in the same beautifully designed ambiance. They have all the classic Spanish tapas you might hope for on the menu. I have not tried them yet, but if they are as good as the food on the Limoná side, it will be amazing!

The service is very friendly and helpful, welcoming and eager to explain their menu and drinks…and love for coffee. It is a large space, so they tend to have plenty of room when you pass by for a table.  Worth a stop, just make sure you make up your mind before you enter; will you go left or right? Chicha or Limona?

Passeig de Sant Joan 80, Barcelona
Metro L4 – Girona







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