Tea lovers will fall for this beautifully designed space in Barcelona, bringing together the best tea, food and artists! 

In Asia, tea houses are considered a social space where different people come to relax and enjoy a cup of tea. Bringing together so many creative people often makes such a tea house a gathering place for creativity and art. Artte has been inspired by that concept, and brings the Asian tea house to Barcelona!

In the neighbourhood of Eixample they have opened a beautiful, luxurious designed space where you can sit back and enjoy a cup of tea. And make sure you enjoy it, because they take a cup of tea serious here! The menu of different teas is very extensive and your cup comes served with an alarm; set on the exact time that your teabag should remain in the water. Not a fan of tea time? Artte offers an amazing menu of drinks and food so even if your looking for a luxurious lunch or healthy juice, this is a great place to go to!

But that’s not all, because they consider themselves a gathering place for culture and creativity. That’s why they often have live music on stage, making this a one of a kind experience in Barcelona! From classical concerts to funky DJ’s, check their calendar to see what’s on for you.

The space has been divided into different parts. In the front there is a small bar, for those who just want to enjoy a cup of tea and a snack. The middle part contains a shop, where you can buy a wide selection of their teas and bring them home!
In the back is the restaurant which is spacious and very bright! The stage for the concerts is also set here.

It is a little posh and therefore, for Barcelona standards, you might find it a little more expensive than the average bar. But then again, it’s an original concept and the good quality tea and food combined with the beautiful design and awesome music that is on every now and then….makes it worth a visit!


Muntaner 83C, Barcelona



Artte Barcelona


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