Alsur Café

The great thing about Barcelona is the many little squares hidden in the old city. Alsur Café has several locations, but my favourite is located on such a typical little square!

The first Alsur café opened opposite to the Palau de la Musica, as a little bar. On a popular location, with many good cocktails, this cosy place was soon known as one of the best cocktailbars in town. The success expanded and Alsur currently has three café’s in the centre of Barcelona.

The vision of the owner is that at Alsur you get  ‘whatever you want, whenever you want it”. For those who love pancakes in the evening or cocktails in the morning… Alsur has a non-stop kitchen service and makes no difference in breakfast or dinner shifts. You can literally order anything you want at any time of day. All locations serve classic dishes like eggs benedict, pancakes or salads, but every spot has their own twist to the recipe. So whatever location you choose, you will be surprised by a slightly different menu. I had the chance to taste a little bit of everything and I can say the dishes are delicious and although the recipes vary, the quality is always great!

There’s only one thing on the menu Alsur serves on all locations – no changes nor twists to this recipe. I am talking about the ‘tequeños’, a Venezuelan cheese snack that is so good, my friends and I normally say “Let’s get some tequeños!” instead of “Let’s meet at Alsur?” Worth a try!

My favourite location for sure is Alsur Born, as it has a great terrace on a lively square. Many street musicians pass, some better than others, making it an entertaining and central spot to meet with your friends on a sunny afternoon.

Alsur Café Born
Where: Plaza de Sant Cugat 1, Barcelona
Metro L4 Jaume I







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