Van Van Var

The guys that brought the food truck market Van Van Market to Barcelona, found a home base in Poble Nou!

Van Van Market is my favourite when it comes to street food markets in Barcelona. The project now also has a fixed location in the trendy Poble Nou neighbourhood. A small venue with basically just a small bar and kitchen inside.  Luckily the terrace is located on one of the sunniest corners in town. As the weather is usually pretty good here, it’s a great spot to enjoy the sun and Barcelona’s best food trucks. And though it now may sound basic to you, the place actually looks super trendy. Simple but hip, they found the perfect mix!

So how does it work? The rolling kitchens that normally join at Van Van’s events, take turns in the kitchen of Van Van Var. Every week a different food truck is in charge, making sure that the menu is always surprising and divers! One week you could be enjoying the contemporary Indian kitchen of Masala 73, the other week you might encounter the chef of Deligotessen or Happy Foods. Keep an eye on the Facebook or Instagram account, where they announce who is in the kitchen each week!

As food trucks go, the menu is not super extensive; expect a couple of street food style dishes listed. However you can eat something new here every week, so that definitely shouldn’t be a problem. Also the bar from where Van Van Var obviously serves you their drinks has a fixed menu of snacks like olives or crisps. So a steady base to start from, with an every changing variety of world food available. Diversity is the word here, and I love it!

Van Van Var
Carrer de Pujades, 27


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