Time Out Market

The Time Out  Market in Lisbon is foodie heaven with 35 food kiosks collected in a gourmet food court at Mercado da Ribeira.

Mercado da Ribeira is Lisbon’s oldest fresh food market and remains the most important one in town. In 2014 part of the market hall got a make-over and turned in to Time Out’s first food court. The huge hall offers many different food stalls, on a gourmet level. The idea is to offer the visitors top level food, from famous Portuguese chefs, at an affordable price. Popular by locals and tourists it is the perfect spot to do a tour along the highlights of Portugal’s gastronomy.

The many different kiosks bring you a wide variety of food all with Portuguese origin! Whether you look for a fresh juice and pastry, a more sustainable lunch or simply a nice food souvenir to bring home – like tinned sardines- Time Out Market has it all.

In the middle of the hall are the kiosks dedicated to drinks (have a Super Bock beer!) and big wooden tables where you can enjoy your food. You could also simply order it at the small bars of the kiosks itself, but I love to pass several of them and than bring my collection of food to the middle. The best of several chefs all in one meal!

Time Out Market
Avenida 24 de Julho 1200 – 481


Time Out Market

Time out Lisbon

Time Out Market 


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