Located on my favourite street in Berlin, Krone is a great choice to have a lovely breakfast or lunch! 

Prenzlauerberg is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Berlin. Small boutiques, colourful buildings and many great bars and restaurants. Oderbergerstrasse, close to the Mauer park, is probably my favourite street because it is packed with many good food spots with cute terraces.

Krone is one of the hotspots on that street. “Fruhstucken” (breakfast) is probably the Germans favourite activity in the weekend and many bars offer their fruhstuck menu until 17.00h in the afternoon. Just as Krone, where they state to offer ‘coffee & kitchen’ and the menu has indeed a lot to offer during daytime. Healthy sandwiches or – less healthy but equally delicious – amazing home made cakes makes Krone the perfect ‘fruhstuck’  spot for a weekend in Berlin.

If the weather allows it, don’t hesitate and find a spot on the lovely terrace, observing the fashionable Prenzlauer inhabitants passing by.
But inside Krone does not disappoint either. Comfortable sofas and cosy corners to sit back and relax with your coffee. Beautifully decorated featuring modern elements combined with vintage furniture. It gives the place exactly that modern bohemian vibe that is so typical for Berlin.

Krone is close to Mauer Park, so if I may give you an advise; plan some breakfast of lunch there on a Sunday and then head to the park for the best flea market and an amazing karaoke show. I could not imagine a better Sunday in Berlin!

Oderberger Straße 38, Berlin

Krone 3

Krone Berlin

Krone 3Krone2



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